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Paul Killion AKA the "Acoustic Warrior" is a unique singer/guitar player who has performed solo for over two decades. His venues have included finer clubs, festivals, private parties and corporate events in Upstate NY and the Finger Lakes region. In addition, he regularly performs up and down the Eastern Seaboard and has ventured as far west as Colorado. If you're interested, Paul can provide you with enthusiastic references from venues where he's performed.

Paul has a lengthy play list that features a mix of familiar classic and contemporary popular songs. His diverse styles included Rock, Country, Folk, Island and Irish music. Paul is at ease with audiences of any age or demographic and he's comfortable providing background music as well as listening music. He is happy to connect with his listeners and, when appropriate, some friendly back and forth makes for a casual, relaxed atmosphere. Paul can perform in small venues with just his voice and his acoustic guitar. For larger venues, he uses an excellent, compact PA system which requires minimal set up and teardown time.

Paul is also a songwriter who has compiled fifteen of the songs he wrote on a CD titled "Acoustic Original".

Paul has also developed an impressive "Memorable Music" program which is a perennial success with Senior Living Communities. The program features hits from the 20's up through the 50's & 60's and newer. He typically plays hundreds of these programs each year for senior audiences, locally and on the road. Paul has recorded a "Musical Memories" CD with a collection of standards from the era that were made famous by the stars of the day and which seniors always enjoy!"

For the younger set, Paul has a "Junior Moments" program just for kids! Paul has collected some all-time favorite childrens' tunes ranging from Disney to Pixar and from the Muppets to the Wizard of Oz! The music is aimed at kids from from pre-K through the lower grades. The younger set will enjoy songs like “Itsy Bitsy Spider” and “Wheels on the Bus” while slightly older listeners will appreciate colorful songs like “Beyond the Sea” and “Over the Rainbow”. Paul happily interacts with his young audiences and singing along is always welcomed! And a patriotic song or two are usually included for kids of all ages!

Prior to the Covid pandemic, on Sundays you could hear Paul on bass guitar and vocals in the contemporary praise band at Discovery Church in Gates, NY. He served there for over seven years and he states "I love this gig! I used to feel that I 'ought' to go to church, but now I can't wait for Sundays!" And as such, Paul is also happy to say that he has performed for a King! www.discoverychurchny.com

Recent Listeners Feedback:

"We always love having you play here." JC 6/6/20

"Nice program, very entertaining!" - AC 11/29/19

"Thank you for the beautiful music" - CB 6/10/19

"You were very well received and I'm sure everyone would welcome your return." - TF 2/19/19

"The word is you did a fantastic job!" - RZ 1/31/19

"I loved it!" - JC 8/17/18

"Very Good. You have a beautiful voice!" - PS 6/3/18

"Good job - I enjoyed every minute!" - RE 5/10/18

"Thank you - Awesome job!" - NA 4/20/18

"Great Job! Are you coming back?" - OL 4/7/18

"That was excellent. We really enjoyed it!" - SA 4/7/18

"That was great - awesome! " - BA 1/19/18

"Your music sounded excellent!" - ME 12/31/17

"Best we ever had! Loved every minute!" - JG 12/13/17

For more info or to book a performance, contact Paul at (585)594-2153 or at: pkillion@rochester.rr.com

The Tandem Brothers duo of Brian Terho on bass and Paul Killion on guitar have performed together for many years. The pair accompanies their vocals with the pleasant combination of rhythmic, acoustic guitar and a bouncing upright (or occasionally electric) bass. Tandem Brothers performances are upbeat affairs comprised of classic and contemporary rock with doses of blues, country, swing, folk, and island music tossed into the mix. Listeners frequently comment on how much they enjoy the duo’s variety of music styles.

Special Note: The Tandem Brothers are also available as a trio and larger group configurations to fit any particular musical wishes.

Recent Listeners Feedback:

"They were amazing! Everybody loved the music!" - WH 5/31/19

"They had quite a crowd ... and eveyone had positive things to say about the event!" KM 8/25/18

"Now thats my kind of music! Loved it all! - PC 8/24/18

"Nice Job Boss - People are loving it!" - TW 6/20/18

"You're Great!" - CB 6/20/18

"Thank You! We loved your music!" - CC 3/29/18

"Great evening! I enjoyed every minute!" - DV 1/5/18

" You two have a really nice sound!" - RS 11/3/17

"These guys are awesome! They added so much to the night!" SM 10/3/17

"Sounding great you guys!" DS 8/16/17

For more info or to book a performance, contact Paul at (585)594-2153 or at: pkillion@rochester.rr.com